Know All About Static Charge Neutralizer

At Valence, we work towards our customer’s satisfaction and safety. The VS20 AC static neutralisers are designed in such a way that it eliminates electrostatic charge from moving surfaces completely. These bars provide a compact, sturdy and reliable means for removal of static charges in numerous industrial applications.

Why do you need a static charge neutraliser?

Why do you need a static charge neutralizer? Static electricity results from an imbalance in positive and negative charge between two objects. While sometimes static electricity seems to be a small problem, its consequences can be quite hazardous. For example, in the printing industry, solvents are used in the printing process. The solvent laden air in such small enclosed spaces, without proper ventilation require only a single spark to cause an explosion that can lead to loss of life and property. Static electricity can cause such a spark. This means having a static charge neutraliser is a necessity that manufacturers cannot afford to ignore. The effects of static electricity can be damaging for people and may result in headaches, dry mucosa, itchy skin and several similar ailments.

Why Valence static charge neutraliser?

Valence’s eliminators are shock-less static discharge rods which have been exclusively designed to neutralise electrostatic charges from moving surfaces. Electrodes, provided along with the active length of the bar, generates ions of both polarities which ensures that both positive and negative charges are removed from the charged target. Our product gives stable high voltage output even under severe conditions.

Salient features of static charge neutraliser

  1. Shock-less; no damage is caused when electrodes are earthed
  2. Standard 2 m HV interconnecting table.
  3. Powder coated aluminium and engineered plastic construction

4)2m input cable with built-in fuse and a power switch.

5) Stable HV output, with an inbuilt current limit

6) Regular sizes for web widths are available, up to 4.5m. Custom made higher lengths are also available

7) Standard design suitable for speeds up to 350m per minute. To achieve high speeds, other options are also available with us.

Apart from the features mentioned above, Valence’s anti-static bars are spark-less as well, which further reduces the possibility of any accident. They are also compact, rugged, dustproof and fabricated out of mild steel which helps in enhancing its durability. You don’t even need to look after its maintenance every now and then, all you need to be aware of is the occasional cleaning it demands.

Now that you are aware of the multiple benefits of the neutraliser, you might as well get it for your industry, won’t you? Get a Valence neutraliser and protect yourself from the risk of any electrical shock.